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September 3, 2012
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Powergirl, Kara Rao, once known as Kara Zor-L, has discovered a supervillian's lair. Unknown to her, the evildoer was skilled in magicks, a Kryptonian weakness. She battled bravely at first, but he soon had her on her knees, weakened, while he delivered the knockout punch. Bleeding from her lip, she had collapsed unconscious onto the floor of the the lair's dungeon.

He clamped her into green Kryptonite manacles and chained her to the wall. Some time later, she awoke slowly, still groggy with the Green-K rays disorienting her.

"Heh, heh, heh. Not so tough now, are you, girlie?"

She spat blood at her captor and growled through clenched teeth. "Bite me."

Her tormentor smiled evilly. "Not a bad idea, sweetie. Maybe later? Surrender to me now! There's no way out for you."

She was damned if she was going to let this cretin see any fear from her. "Make no mistake, I will get out of this. That's why I have friends and you have minions!"

"But I happen to know for a fact that you didn't tell anyone, not even your friend Terra Atlee that you were going after me. Oh, and by the way...she's next, you know" And with that, he turned to go.

Kara pulled at her chains, but weakened from the Green K, could not break them. "Leave her alone, you bastard!"

My use of the name Kara Rao was inspired by my friend, :iconadamantis:, who recently premiered the Kara Rao name for Powergirl in his alternate universe version of Powergirl in his "Quantum Quest" series here on dA. A magnificent storyline and artwork, stop by his page and enjoy his talent: [link]

Original lineart on this commission done by :icondlimaart:. Thank you, sir for allowing me to have it colored!

Colored by another friend here on dA, :iconfreshsqueezedletters:. Another nice job, Alex.
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Shulkie Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Gorgeous collaboration to really bring this picture to life. I love the coloring and shading work. Her face and body look great as does her torn uniform and ample bosom:love:
riverine69 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
:iconthankyouscript1::iconthankyouscript2::iconthankyouscript3: for the fave!:+fav:  
Original line art by :icondlimaart: I was just the color commissioner on this piece, with coloring by :iconfreshsequeezedletters:  All credit should go to them.

And thank you again for the very fine commentary on the work.  Not everyone takes the time to put down their specific likes and dislikes (I'm guilty of doing this as well!) , and it's nice to hear the individual points you found interesting.  Take the time to visit the artist who did the lineart as well as the colorist (Alex Roth, who no longer has a page on dA), without their talent, Id be lost as a commissioner.  Sorry for the late reply, i had a massive pile of deviations to go through!
Shulkie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
You took the time. That's all that matters to me.
riverine69 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
ares12 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Student Writer
Hang in there PG!
andrewr255 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Superheroine... chains... costume damage... I love it!
riverine69 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
Coming from you and all the great works you commission, that's high praise. Thanks, and as I said the original art was done by :icondlimaart: and :iconfreshsqueezedletters: colored it for my commission.
DarkKnight129 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Dang she's messed up bad...heh heh Oooo right! :) lol
riverine69 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012

Yeah, she got punched and beaten down pretty badly.

Whatever supervillian she tried to take on managed to cut her Kryptonian (nearly) invulnerable skin and punch her unconscious. While she was down and knocked out, he clamped on the Kryptonite manacles and chains. While she normally could have pulled the chains from the wall, the Green-K rays have weakened her to the point where she is unable to break free.

She is in big trouble....
DarkKnight129 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Ooh wow, well I'm sure Power girl could get herself out of that crazy situation she is in. lol I can't help, but feel sorry for her and yet find that her costume is all torn up to pieces like I'm all heh heh ooo right ^_^ lol
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